MAD CAT productions is an Aarhus-based film production company founded March 2018 by video-producers, Camilla Gammelgaard Alaoui and Ditte Marie Rothemejer. Our office is situated next to The Latin Quarter 'Latinerkvarteret' in Paradisgade Aarhus C. 
MAD CAT’s goal is to produce projects that are playful, trippy, abstract and artistic, either in terms of genre or storytelling, while still keeping a firm eye on the audience.
MAD CAT is a small and flexible unit. Combined, we have experience in producing fashion, image and branding film. We are not only looking to work with companies in Denmark, but also with international companies. We are constantly on the lookout for new great projects, regardless of genre and format.
Camilla has a background in commercial photography and graphic design and has been a freelance photographer for many years. Her main focus is on the visual part of the film production, especially cinematography.
Ditte Marie is a director and creative producer focusing on the execution of the great idea. She is known for her abstract, playful and artistic style.

Camilla and Ditte Marie both have a bachelor's degree in Multiplatform Storytelling and Productions at VIA Film & Transmedia.

Salling Group / SCO Cykler / FØTEX / VIA University College / Redbull Danmark / Incuba / Fleur BodywEar / AWOW / FLOWR / GRUMS / ACKITE / A.W.N / The burger shack / / GUESTAPART / TENDENS MALING / SKAGENfood / THE COZY SHEEP / Nordiske medier / KVADRAT / Warm Nordic / Mogens De Linde / A Better Ocean / VILA / Nani / Aarhus kommune /
and many more
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